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Welcome to Living Well Events and Production

The Events and Production industry traditionally consumes vast amounts of energy and unsustainable resources with productions around the world. With the love of Sustainability and Production, Living Well Events and Production was created with the aim of breaking that tradition by helping other consumer and industry professionals find the resources and partners necessary to make use of sustainable practices their productions.

Living Well Events and Production contributes environmental solutions that improve the experience of any event. Our eco-ethic approach creates win-win relationships between business, community, and the environment.

Living Well Events and Production provides Sustainable Event that takes a comprehensive approach to transforming an event. We begin by reviewing an event’s ecological footprint, taking energy use, waste stream and the quality of products into account. We then develop and implement an operational and product usage plan, outlining steps to green an event on a specified timeline. We identify opportunities for material re-use, carbon emissions neutralizing and product conversion to eco-friendly alternatives. While the sustainable topic is broad, it can be simplified by asking a few key questions prior to the event. With every event we produce we seek to find win-win solutions between business, community, and the environment.

The continued wave of green business innovation and investment opportunity is transforming the way we do business. Consumer and business demand for environmentally sustainable and socially responsible products and services will continue to climb steadily. More companies are shifting from the “take, make, and throw away’ model to green business practices that vest profit with environmental wisdom. Our shared goal with our clients is to contribute sustainable solutions that improve the experience, health and well being of all participants, as well as the earth.